Glad Tidings Health Clinic

health clinic example 2.jpg

At the moment adults are not able to be treated at our children’s clinic as the clinicians are only licensed to treat children.  We are therefore delighted to announce that, thanks to a substantial grant, we will see the building of a new health clinic in the near future on our land at Ngolowindo.

This will enable any adults who need care to be treated locally to their villages, whereas up to now they have to walk 12.6 kms to the nearest free medical clinic and back, when they are unwell!

The new clinic will be purpose built, providing suitably sized rooms for the medical staff to work in and much needed privacy for patients attending them. 

As part of local health requirements, an incinerator will also be built to dispose of medical refuse for instance, syringes and used dressings.

We also hope to build a house for the medical staff.