This is your opportunity to go to Malawi…by not even leaving the UK!

We are embarking on a virtual walking journey to cover the 5000 miles between our office in Sandhurst, Kent and our office in Salima, Malawi.


We are now on a ferry boat crossing the Mediterranean Sea, en-route for Libya. So far we have walked 2,248 miles raising £2,248.

Join us as we travel and enjoy walking with your family and friends in your favourite places in the UK or abroad, whilst raising funds from every mile you walk, for the work of Starfish Malawi.

As you enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful countryside, you will be able to know that, not only are you benefiting, healthwise, from your walk but you are enabling us to help more children and their families in Malawi.

On the maps below you can see the route that you are walking and the countries that you will be crossing. Each time we accumulate enough miles to reach the next country, an information sheet about that country will be available below (Country Page).

An information sheet giving registration and donation details and links to our Just Giving page is available below.

We want to encourage all our linked schools to get involved with walking from their UK school to their linked school in Malawi!  We have a specific schools instructions sheet and sponsorship forms available below.  

The next step …… register with us at so we know who is taking part, put your walking shoes, get some sponsors, and get outside to enjoy your walk.

You can take as long as you want to reach Malawi, so you can dip in and out of the project whenever you feel like it!

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Individual/Church/Group School