Nursery education

You may or may not be aware that, as part of our education programme, we offer nursery education material on Malawi to support our Nurseries Together project.  Please click here to see the July / August newsletter - an example of the material provided, which makes children aware of some of the facets of life in Malawi.

Fundraising update

Please read this update from Peter Bell, who leads our fundraising work.  During the short time Peter has been working with us, he has worked hard to lay the firm foundations of a comprehensive strategy.  We are already seeing the first fruits of his efforts.  Please click here to read his latest report.

Library update

The library has become a very helpful resource centre since its inception. Different groups of people ranging from Pastors, church leaders,have been coming to the library to study. For students who are sitting for their final exams in form 4, the library is a haven of their educational improvement. Eight out of ten students who come to read, admitted that the centre has an environment that suits most of the students especially the quietness and the resources the library has. Most of the schools have inadequate resources for students to read. Many thanks to our very own secondary school sponsorship that introduced the incentive that is not only benefiting our own sponsored students but it has rather helped non sponsored students. 

Students studying in the library

Students studying in the library

New Literacy Development Project!

Preparations are underway for an innovative new project in the Salima area of Malawi, designed to improve children’s literacy - a key factor in overcoming poverty (currently around 1 in 4 young adults in Malawi cannot read or write). The project will create a network of teachers from across different primary schools, who will become Literacy Leaders. Candidates have been identified already and are excited to take part! They will access training, resources, links with schools in the UK (sharing writing both ways) and build relationships with local nurseries. They will feed these benefits back to their teaching colleagues, serving as mentors within their schools. Rachel Ormrod, a teacher and International Development graduate from the UK, will be setting up the project as a volunteer, with the aim to hand this role over to a Malawian in due course so the project is both sustainable and empowering.

You can read more and donate specifically to this project - which is relying on your generosity now to get it kickstarted - at:

Read Rachel's story

Rachel is raising money to help Starfish Malawi

A great day was had by all on our “Bewl Water Walk” 10th June 2017

Under a brilliant blue sky and warm sun our Bewl Water walkers set off for their 7 or 13 mile sponsored walk.  All enjoyed the beautiful countryside, the fellowship with fellow walkers and the knowledge that it was for the great cause of the Glad Tidings Orphan Care.   

The initial forecast for the amount raised is between £4,000 and £5,000, which will make a huge difference to the lives of the children at Glad Tidings.   Thank you to all who walked and to their supporters. 


Chapsinja update

Since 2009, the Crowborough Christian Men's Group have been working tirelessly for the growth of the community in Chapsinja. In that year, the chief was converted to Christ and life has never been the same since! Over the last eight years, there has been a new nursery, a church, and a primary school for over 600 children. There has been an ongoing feeding programme. Please click here to read the latest newsletter from the community. We thank God in the way that he spoke to these men all those years ago and for their dedication in following it through.  

Great news for Emmanuel

We are pleased to let all our supporters know that the Malawi Country Director, Emmanuel, has now won his case for a 10 year visa to the UK. Emmanuel, Maryanne and the family intend to visit the UK in July/August, 2017. We are so grateful that this has now been successfully resolved.

Save Our Cedar Project

School children from primary schools on Starfish Malawi’s schools linking programme, visited Bedgebury National Pinetum in Kent last week to learn about tree conservation and take part in an international project to help save the critically endangered Mulanji Cedar in Malawi.

Bedgebury 2.PNG
Bedgebury 1.PNG

The Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) and the Forest Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) are running a 3 year project to help save the Mulanje Cedar, which is endemic to Mulanje Mountain in Malawi.

To raise awareness, Starfish Malawi worked together with Botanic Gardens Conservation International and the Bedgebury National Pinetum tree conservation team to run a two day event in the Pinetum where 66 children from Goudhurst, Sandhurst, Bodiam and Etchingham primary schools came together to learn about the plight of the Mulanji Cedar. All the children had the opportunity to learn about deforestation in Malawi, see the Bedgebury Pinetum and visit the nursery where they planted wild collected seeds of the endangered trees. The future of the Mulanje Cedar seedlings will form part of the propagation trials for the “Save Our Cedar” project, which Starfish is also supporting in Malawi to raise awareness in local schools.

Malawi visit

Great news from Malawi.

Three of our UK team have just returned from an inspirational trip visiting out projects and meeting with the Malawian team.  God blessed the time and enabled us to see future developments of the projects.  We met with many people and saw the good work that is being among the children and their communities.  There is much to do but seeds are being sown that will bring forth fruit in the years to come.

Bewl Water sponsored walk 10th June

For the work to continue in Malawi, we try and run a few fundraising events each year. Most of our income comes through regular donations from supporters and we are exceedingly grateful for these.

Our main fundraising activity is the Bewl Water Walk and we hope that you may be able to come on 10 June. Everybody enjoys a great day in a beautiful part of the world and the money is used to support orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi. Please find out more by clicking on the link below.

Bewl Water walk details

Starfish Christmas Appeal 2016

Starfish Malawi Christmas Appeal

On the first day of December, we are excited to launch our annual Christmas Appeal! 

Christmas is a time for family, friends and being thankful for all that God has blessed us with. It is also a time for giving and for taking time to consider those less fortunate than ourselves. 

In Malawi, many girls are confined to their homes during menstruation and are unable to participate in everyday activities. Therefore, female students miss up to one quarter of school time, often including vital end of year exams, because of their menstrual cycle.

Last Christmas, you helped us raise over £500 to provide 100 re-usable sanitary kits to girls in Malawi, through our GATEWAY programme - the joy and freedom this gave these girls was wonderful to witness, thank you! This year, we would love to provide 500 more kits to girls in need in the communities we support and with your help, we can make this dream a reality! 

We have set ourselves a target of raising £1,000 by the 7th January. If we meet our £1,000 target, your donations will be DOUBLED, matched pound for pound by some of Starfish Malawi's top supporters!

Support our Christmas Appeal here.

Just £4 provides a girl with a re-usable sanitary kit and gives her the gift of education. 

Give the gift of education this Christmas

By teaching local communities how to produce the packs, our GATEWAY project strives to empower local women to take their future, and the futures of their daughters, into their own hands.

Just £4 buys a girl a re-usable sanitary towel and gives her the gift of education this Christmas.

Don't miss out on the opportuntity to double your donation this Christmas, please consider supporting our Christmas Appeal

Thank you for all of your support throughout the year, we could not continue our work without the generous support of our Starfishers. May we wish you all a very happy Christmas. 

"We cannot change the world immediately, but we can make a life at a time."

Success for StarfishBig30Appeal!

Starfish Malawi's Children's Clubs provide activities for children aged 5 to 16 in the Salima community of rural Malawi. Children take part in a range of activities including advice on practical living, understanding the Bible, sports and art. 

The Children’s Clubs provide a safe environment for children to grow. The Starfish team in Malawi oversees these clubs weekly, run by trained volunteers and youth leaders. In the safe environment of the Children's Clubs, leaders teach the children safe ways to live so that they can maximise their joy in a country where poverty is rife.

Our sports equiptment is on it's last legs so last month we launched our StarfishBig30Appeal to buy 30 brand new footballs and 30 netballs for the children to play with. 

We were overwhelmed with the support of our Starfishers and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported this appeal.

The people in the photo are Ian Bull, left, who is the Club Chairman of Kings Hill Football Club. I'm in the centre and Richard Morrison, right, is the Vice Chairman of the junior age groups plus kit.and equipment officer.

Jan Mileham, Starfish Committee Member and UK Nursery Co-ordinator said,

I first became aware of Starfish Malawi in 2010 after visiting Malawi on a Missions Trip with a charity called Soapbox. I joined the Starfish committee about 3 years ago and now I'm responsible for Nurseries and Children's Clubs.

The Starfish Big 30 Appeal was to raise money to buy 30 footballs and 30 netballs for the Children's Clubs in Salima, Malawi. The response has been very encouraging. Special thanks must go to Kings Hill Football Club for donating balls, kit and boots. I would also like to thank members of Connect Church, Maidstone who have given 17 new balls in total. Thanks also to members the Life Church in Maidstone and individuals who donated money.