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Margaret Lewis

Margaret Lewis our Head of Education in Malawi has been doing fantastic work in Malawi over the last year. She is a key member of the team. One of her roles has been to regularly visit the schools we work with in Malawi to facilitate their communication and joint projects with their link schools in England. Margaret also assists with our sponsorship programme in Malawi which currently supports over 130 students through secondary school. She has been keen to encourage schools and the nurseries at Glad Tidings to not only grow their own vegetables to improve the nutritional content of pupils’ diet but to adopt sustainable framing practices. Margaret has helped implement the Michael Jackson Legacy Orchard which will further help improve the diets of children in the Glad Tidings area.

In December, she planned to come home for some rest at Christmas, but before she had a chance to prepare, she had a minor stroke and lost feeling in her right arm. This was a shock to her and to all the team in Malawi and the UK. She was rushed to hospital in Liliongwe for tests and then flown to Nairobi, Kenya where she stayed for 10 days and she was diagnosed with a blood disorder. There was much prayer for Margaret and we praise God that she safely returned to the UK just before Christmas. She is on medication and is resting. Since being back in the UK, she has improved massively and now has most of the feeling back in her arm. We thank God that she was seen in Nairobi and the condition diagnosed and that she was able to get back to the UK safely. Please pray that Margaret will have a full and lasting recovery.

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