In memory of Jane

Chris Knott writes about Jane - "I met Jane a few years ago, when I was visiting Malawi with my wife, Yuri.

When you are in Malawi you are invited to many different organisations who are looking to receive some funding from Starfish. I was invited to speak at an organisation called Bulamo (an organisation focusing on training and awareness of HIV and AIDS), where I had visited previously and where Starfish had given a few resources, such as sewing machines in the past. Yuri asked me why we were visiting this place and I remember saying "I do not know". A few hours later I discovered the answer to my own question.

As I entered a room, there was a young girl sitting on the floor. She was clearly disabled, but had a bright smiling face. As I walked around the room her eyes followed me. It seemed as if where ever I was in the room she was looking at me. I was not the only white man present, but her gaze was fixed... and it was fixed on me. God spoke through that look. He said to me, "it is for such as Jane that you are in Malawi - never forget this.”

All my “fancy” projects and programmes collapsed into insignificance in the face of this young girl who was HIV-positive, unable to walk, with cerebral palsy. I cried and cried. I was supposed to make a speech, but was unable to for a long time, because I was so humbled and touched by God in that moment.

And just a couple of weeks ago I heard that the girl referred to as "baby Jane" had died. We brought some joy into her life, but she poured joy into my life. She died of shingles followed by malaria....a  young girl, but precious. She will not be forgotten, because she was for me the face of God at that moment and meeting God is a very precious experience."