Chris Knott writes.

Just a few days ago, I was grieving the death of baby Jane. She had meant so much to me as “the eyes of God” and confirmation of what the mission of Starfish was.

Now I've heard the sad news of the death of Stella (she is the lady on the right in the photograph). This photograph was only taken four years ago.

Stella had a number of difficulties in her life with the fight against cancer, a difficult marriage and other things. However, I have one abiding memory of my early days in Malawi and that was to see Stella smile and speak. The world is lit up when she was in my presence.

She helped Hope Mission Ministries with the work in Kayabwa. She would assist the ladies in their sewing classes, adult literacy, anything she could do, which might help. When she spoke, it was like a poet speaking the most lovely Godly words I think I've ever heard from anyone.

Sadly, in my last few trips I have not been able to see her due to timetabling issues and now I regret this so much. Where Jane was the "eyes of God", Stella was the "face of God". But that smile will now be shared in the presence of the one who gave it - God himself.

Life is fragile. I will not forget Jane or Stella and I will miss them!