Soapbox team in Malawi

Starfish Malawi and Soapbox have been partners for a number of years in Malawi. Soapbox teams have been regular visitors and have done some fantastic work.

The latest team to visit have just returned to the UK. 

Here is a picture of the team with a quote describing their experience in Malawi:


"When we all signed up for the project to come to Malawi we knew that we would be helping with school building work and children’s activities.  None of us, however, expected the wonderful enthusiasm of the children.  From the moment our bus arrived on site each morning to the moment we left - with the children even continuing to chase the bus down the road - the excitement, enthusiasm and joy was infectious.  
The two weeks we have spent in Malawi have been deeply touching for each one of us in so many different ways.  As we fly back home we will be taking so many memories and experiences which will stay with us forever."