Glad Tidings Orphan Care Report (April – July 2014)

Key Workers

We continue to thank God for the significant difference Starfish makes to our work with orphans and vulnerable children by: 

: Sending visitors to teach us many things on how we can enhance and expand our daily operations at Glad Tidings

Reaching the orphans

In the month of May, 2014 we received David and Sue Prior who taught us many things, e.g. 

: When key-workers are visiting children, they should check that resources the children have received are being used in the right way

: We should always be making sure that the food that children are eating is good for their health and is well balanced

: To verify if children under our care are sleeping under the mosquito nets, and to have good, clean blankets

: They encouraged us that we should love our work

: When we are visiting, we should teach the children (OVCs) the Word of God

: Pray for the sick as we are visiting

In July we have been learning from Jean Whitaker about first aid and the symptoms of different diseases, e.g. Asthma, High blood pleasure, Diabetes, and cancer.  Also home based care, early childhood development, anaemia, nutrition, hygiene and how to make milk from soya beans.


We thank God  for Rafiki Andrea and Kenneth Kabodza who are at Bandawe school for hearing impaired learners. The progress reports are very encouraging - Rafiki and Kenneth are working hard at school and all of them have passed their exams. 


When Keyworkers go to visit the orphans in their own homes, they find some are lacking blankets, pens, exercise books, soap, shorts, skirts, and dresses as the carers themselves are very poor.  

Children's Corner

The Saturday morning programme is still going well, and when the key workers teach the Word of God, some of the children have responded and their behaviours have improved.   The guardians, some who are Muslims, are happy because of the changes they observe in the children.    

Farming God’s Way

In our previous report, we reported about the 24 bags of maize we harvested.  However, It is not sufficient to take us through the whole year. Therefore we are requesting that you assist us with additional bags of maize to reach up to April, as you usually do.

This year we have ten children who sat for primary school learning certificate examination.  So if they pass and are selected they will go to secondary school that will need secondary school sponsorship.

Nursery School

This academic year of 2013/2014 the teachers have gained a lot of experience in interacting with children because of Rosie Atkinson, a volunteer, from the UK who taught the nursery workers how to teach children and interact with them using the Montessori approach and equipment. We spent six months with her and she kindly donated her equipment for use in our nurseries.  

We are glad to say that there are a number of children who are going to start standard one at Ngolowindo primary school from our nurseries this coming academic year.

Farming God’s Way

This year we have harvested crops as follows:

-maize 24 bags

-groundnuts, 3 bags unshelled

-Soya beans 1 bag

-Cotton 20 kgs

We planted cotton very late so sadly it did not do well. We will plant earlier next farming season.

We planted cassava which is still growing in the garden – see photo.  


From April 2014 to July 2014 Peter the Bicycle Ambulance driver, has been transporting the sick children as follows.  The health issues addressed include stomach pains, cancer, swelling, fever, coughs, HIV, malaria and a broken hand.  

Sad News

On 13th July, 2014 we lost one of our orphans called Damalesi Steven aged 10, at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe.  Damalesi was HIV positive and cancer on her neck.  She was laid to rest on 16th July2014 in her home district in Dedza. 


GTOC runs a sports programme where young people enjoy playing football and netball.  Through this we teach the Christian message at the training practices twice a week.  Because of that some youths have received Jesus as their Saviour, some of whom were Muslims.  We felt these young people needed further care and teaching and so we are thankful that Maryanne has given us training in how to run such groups using the Discovery Bible Study method.