Recent Malawi children's work report

This is a report from Sam Kingsley-Phiri of our Malawi team.

I am very glad to report here that in all the centres of children's work, I have observed that children's behaviour is changing dramatically. When we started this programme many of the younger children were not able to pray even a short prayer out loud, but now for example an eight year old child can pray for fifteen minutes which is a great improvement.


When it comes to bible teachings children are now able to ask key questions at the end of story telling, this response shows that children are now understanding the story. In some centres older children are becoming helpful during Bible storytelling by guiding the younger ones and encouraging them to listen – they now know the importance of hearing the story.

Last, but not least - is the enthusiasm of children when it comes to games! This part of each session is a very important time – children have fun and build relationship with one another and the volunteers.




Youth Leaders Training

Since we started this programme of meeting once every month for ‘refresh’ training in leadership with our youth leaders, it has helped them grow particularly in the area of behaviour management in the clubs and also how to reach out to the communities by sharing the word of God with passion.

This picture below shows some of the children's leaders at the final training session of the year. Emmanuel Uwaezuoke, Starfish Country Director shares out new clothes and Christmas gifts for the leaders and their families.