Girls Access to Education (Gateway) update

Our Gateway programme works by training local women to make reusable sanitary hygiene kits. The women generate income from making the kits and the girls get to stay in school when they have their period, helping to break the cycle of poverty in Malawi. 

Headline figures

  • Since April 2016, a total of 286 packs have been distributed with a further 600 ready to distribute when schools return from holiday in September.
  • Sewing groups at Katitima, Chitiwiri and Kaputu have set themselves a target of producing a further 200 packs each before the end of this month.
  • This will bring us to a total of 1,486 kits distributed by the end of September 2016.

Thanks to your generosity, and generous donations from some charitable trusts, all the funding for the projected expenditure until September 2016 has already been secured, which will allow us to exceed our initial target!

With the Gateway hygiene packs, I am very glad that I can now interact with my male teachers and fellow male students comfortably even during my menstruating days.”  - Malesi Mchenga

After the distribution of our Gateway kits, there was an incredible 44% decrease in absenteeism! Not only have the Gateway hygiene packs really contributed to an improvement in girls’ attendance in school, it has also improved their participation in school activities like sports...

“The girls used to give excuses during netball games and training, but now they no longer shun away and I am sure it’s because of the Gateway hygiene packs.” Rebecca Grem, teacher at Ngolowindo Primary School

We are so grateful for the success of the Gateway project so far, our next ambitious target is to provide an additional 3,000 kits for girls across our link schools over the next year from October 2016 to September 2017. Could you help us make this happen

To learn more about the Gateway programme, please visit our project page.