Container update

Great news. Our container is full to the gunnels, in fact 62.2 cubic metres (a record amount!) of equipment, vocational training tools, knitted blankets and jumpers, goods for our linked schools and much more items for our projects in Malawi.

We are also pleased to be able to assist other charities working in Malawi with transport for their work as well. A big "WELL DONE" to Chris and the team of volunteers who have worked very hard over the last two weeks to fill the container so expertly, so as not to lose any space.

Here are two photos, one of Chris with the load behind him and one of two of our stalwart helpers, Martin and Steve. The door is closing for the last time before being opened in Malawi after a very long journey of 5000 miles. (I hope Chris got out in time!)

It is now well on its way to Malawi!