Rachel Ormrod report

In September, Rachel Ormrod, joined the Starfish team in Malawi. Rachel is a primary school teacher who is here for 7 months to pilot a project designed to improve the fluency of Malawian teachers and support them in exploring effective ways to teach English as a foreign language. This will enable them to improve the English language skills and understanding of their pupils. From Standard 5, all lessons, apart from Chichewa, are taught in English so it is vital that pupils can understand English. Rachel is working with a group of 15 teachers from 5 schools.


Rachel recently posted "Things are going well with the project: the Literacy Leaders have bonded well as a cross-school team. They have become increasingly confident and creative with trying out new things in their classrooms and the learners have really enjoyed the new activities.

The Literacy Leaders have shown great keenness to improve their own fluency and are keeping me on my toes with their questions! We have also just finished devising a unique bi-lingual letter-sound sheet with accompanying actions and a song, which we are excited to introduce to the learners.

I have been busy conducting lots of surveys and assessments to really get a clear picture of the needs in these schools. We have much to achieve, and would love it so much if anyone can offer support financially for resources to help with this long-term challenge.

Thanks for reading! Rach."