Student Sponsorship Story

Sarah Malala 

Sarah was one of the first students to be sponsored by Starfish Malawi. Sarah would wake up very early to leave for school at 5 am with her friends, often on an empty stomach. After achieving very good results in her primary school leaving exam, she managed to get into secondary school. However, the school fees were too high for her father to pay.  Thanks to the Starfish Malawi Student Sponsorship Programme, the staff at a Magistrates' Court in the UK decided to sponsor Sarah throughout her secondary education.  She worked hard in class and passed her Junior Certificate and Malawi School Certificate of Education with excellent grades before applying for the university entry examination.   Due to her good grades Sarah successfully applied to go to the teachers training college in Kasungu District.

A member of her sponsor’s team continued to provide money for her needs during her teacher training course, which enabled her to study without the added anxiety of financial worries.

Sarah completed the course and began her teaching career. 

Sarah has told us, “My aim is to give back my community the benefits I have received from Starfish Sponsorship”.

Teacher Sarah Malala

Teacher Sarah Malala

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