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Want to transform THOUSANDS of children’s lives?

Sponsor a Literacy Leader!


Help Khadijah continue making a difference to so many children by sponsoring her just £8 a month.

Literacy Leaders are Malawian primary school teachers who have made a commitment to intensive continuous professional development in order to not only become better teachers themselves but to improve literacy across their whole schools.

The Literacy Leaders project is starting to see very exciting things already:

  • Teachers embracing more effective teaching methods
  • Increased pupil school attendance and engagement
  • Improvements in pupils’ understanding and test results
  • Sharing of good practice with colleagues and local nurseries
  • Recognition from the local education officials and village chiefs

Now the initial set-up fund has all been put to good use,

Please support us in continuing this pioneering work which is making such a difference!


Teachers in this region of Malawi typically earn from as little as £85 a month, on which to support their whole families. Many teachers also have to farm alongside a long school day in order to survive.

Sponsorship will enable your chosen Literacy Leader to access training by covering the cost of their transport, stationery, food and drink as well as a modest allowance in recognition of their extra responsibility and time. Costs vary according to how far each individual has to travel to the training centre, but range from just £7 a month (the cost of a coffee & sandwich in Brighton Laines!) to £11.

We are dedicated to making the BEST possible impact in this project:





You can read about each of our wonderful literacy leaders below and choose someone who really inspires you.  Their English isn’t perfect yet but this is the language the law requires them to teach in so they are working really hard on their grammar!

You will receive personal termly letters from your sponsored literacy leader so you know how they are getting on. I know they will be so grateful.


If you would be interested in sponsoring a Literacy Leader, please download the standing order form here and complete your details and we will be in contact with you.

Latest News:

Literacy Leaders Report June 2018


Christone (Year 6 Yeacher)

“I am really passionate and committed to do everything possible to impart knowledge to Malawian learners so that they will stand on their own and develop their nation.

           I am really assisted with this project especially in the area of phonics and grammar. I wish for the project to continue so that I can gain more knowledge and skills on how to deliver my lessons accordingly.”

Christone is relatively new to the team but participated fully straight away and has already shown great potential in his lesson observations. He is keen to have feedback in order to develop his teaching. He works well with others.


Khadijah J (Year 6 Teacher)

“I am so passionate about teaching so that I can help children gain knowledge and skills which will help them to become good future leaders, to attain good and admirable jobs and even to be a good and reliable citizen.

The project has helped me in many ways. For example at first I was just teaching the children to memorise words that they don’t understand instead of searching for simple words they can understand. And I have learnt the use of games and facial expressions that draw the children’s attention to participate fully and to be active in every lesson.”

Khadijah has not been late for or missed a single session. I have seen her develop so much as a teacher through her determination to embrace advice, try out new ideas and creatively adapt them for her class. She is someone who truly aspires to be the best they possibly can.

To find read our stories of other teachers please click here.


Help Christone continue making a difference to so many children by sponsoring him just £7 a month.